Friday, December 11, 2009


Trafficking is kind of global issue and international crimes. In fact, trafficking happened since Caribbean eras.

 The Meaning of Trafficking

 Convention of United Nations

Trafficking is process of human move, like illegal migrant, recruitment, way of catching/ collection with threat or forcing and abuse thing, kidnapping, swindle to ménage them (victim) for sale in sex industries or black market.

 Based on Undang – Undang Number 23, 2004 about ‘Pemberantasan Tindak Pidana Perdagangan Orang’ (criminal law about trafficking).

Trafficking is trade of human that recruitment, removing, acceptance and so on with forced or threat to ménage the people for do everything what they (trafficker) want, in one country or overseas for exploitation.

 Based on free encyclopedia (online)

Human trafficking is the commerce and trade in the movement or migration of people, legal and illegal, including both legitimate labor activities as well as forced labor.
The term is used in a more narrow sense by advocacy groups to mean the recruitment, transportation, harboring, or receipt of people for the purposes of slavery, forced labor (including bonded labor or debt bondage), and servitude.

Kind of Human Trafficking are:
If the victims are women or young girl, usually they are becomes :
A. Sex Commercial or Sexual Exploitation.
(In Indonesia and Overseas)
B. House keeper (with high time & without a salary) with forced.
(In Indonesia or Overseas)
C. Slavery & Labor
(In Indonesia or Overseas)
D. Dancer, entertainment.
E. Bride Contract
Look what can happen to children.
A. Slavery
B. Labor
C. House Keeper
D. Actress and actor in ‘Blue Film’ Industries
E. Exploitation in sex industries
F. Children adaptation (for babies)
Actually their parents don’t know where is their children because their children kidnapped by the trafficker.

The Factor of Human Trafficking, they are 
Economic disparities
Economic is big problems. Based on observation, the victim want to get a job because they need some money. May be you know the quotation, money is everything. So they want do anything to get some money.
Corruption in government
Social discrimination
Organized crime.

Human trafficking become serious problem, government take some action to solve this problem. Such as President decision no. 87 about the national action plan to eliminate children and women trafficking in 2004 and many rules about trafficking. They have 3 strategy such as the victims of trafficking must be protect, the trafficker must be verdict and we are together to eliminate the trafficking.

The biggest effect of human trafficking for the victims is the psychologist of victims is worse. They felt depress and unused for life. They think they don’t have any future, they will isolated their life and became a pessimistic person. Some of them are pregnant and no one will responsible for it. Some of them try to kill themselves.

There is no universally accepted definition of trafficking for sexual exploitation. The term encompasses the organized movement of people, usually women, between countries and within countries for sex work with the use of physical coercion, deception and bondage through forced debt. However, the issue becomes contentious when the element of coercion is removed from the definition to incorporate facilitating the willing involvement in prostitution.

Exploitation includes forcing people into prostitution or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery and servitude. For children, exploitation may also include forced prostitution, illicit international adoption, trafficking for early marriage, or recruitment as child soldiers, beggars.

Human trafficking differs from people smuggling. In the latter, people voluntarily request smuggler's service for fees and there may be no deception involved in the (illegal) agreement.

Remember! Trafficking is one of human right crime. So every country made the law to eliminate it. Even thought trafficking is so difficult to burn off. Government and society must give a contribution for this case, and help the victims, together.

We must help the government to eliminate the human trafficking, we must help the victims and give them supports to be better in life. We can teach them skill to get better job. And to minimize the human trafficking, we can educate our society about the human trafficking.